The very first thing we do with every client is take a deep dive into their business. Growing a business through effective sales & marketing is about taking action but, in order to give that action the best chance of success, everything in the background needs to be working well first.

Your dedicated Harper & May team will run a full audit on your set up including current strategy, data analysis, systems, KPIs, targets and assets. What is more, this isn't something we do only once; your team will constantly be checking the effectiveness of your set up to ensure the very best results are possible.



A good plan and strategy is great, but without expertly managed execution results are often lack lustre. We work to set timescales and proactively deliver the right message to your market.

Our expert resource at Harper & May will span communication across the entire marketing mix, utilising some of the most innovative tactics, channels and software. Content is always creative and we pride ourselves on 'thinking outside of the box' in order to drive sales focused results for your business. Then, if you need it, we will move things forward and focus on closing sales.



Sales and marketing is not a cost centre, it is an investment but without intelligent reporting it can be hard to justify this theory. We utilise the very best software and tactics to ensure a clear view of results is always accessible.

From Social Media to your Website, there are a multitude of ways you can measure success. Your Harper & May team will work with you to select key metrics for each tactic, map results against your own definition of success and ensure all of this information is accessible in one place.